Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2days class was gr8!...

we went over the new obama on guns story in the new york times and we went over sum "terminology" past and present... lol i think we all enjoyed ourselves then next thing u know class is over and its on to the next one! thinkinbout asking ms schaefer for some retakes on my in class pics which or now on flickr bout to check my blackboard tho but all in all it was a good day!! hopefully many more to come!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

awoke and coherent as well as alert!!

Im in class today and I'm enjoying it for what its worth each in every day!!! im learning in this class at a rate i havent imagined... everything is clear to me im awake!!! but never the less im ready to learn lessons i cant afford to forget when it comes to my education!!!

perfect dinner?

the best dinner i would have in the future would be at papadeaux an up scale seafood restaurant and i would be with a very special lady in my life not one who's only there for the food!!! but the one that is closes to me... i know it would be wonderful. we would share the appetizer and have some liquor (that complements the mood) some good music will be played while we dine. we will dance while our food is being prepared for us. then we catch up with each other (converse) while we eat the best sea food that the sea as to offer. Then we would split desert..... she her for the rest of the evening!! lol